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Program Information

Please click on one of the topics below to find information on our league, including frequently asked questions.

Absences Inclusivity Scheduling Information
Ages Inquiries Siblings
Competition Job Opportunities Season Dates
Coaching Kidsport Season Finals
Code of Conduct Location Special Requests
Cost Payment Plans Team Rostering
Equipment Parent Volunteers Teams
Feedback Practices Transportation
Footballs Prices Uniforms
Funding Registration Fees Referees Volunteers
Games Refunds Weather


Our league is set up to accommodate your holidays. We have flexible attendance and you are able to miss sessions. Our game schedule gives you long-weekends "off", there are no games on Saturdays that fall on a long weekend.


Calgary Fall Flag Football League is for children ages 6.5-16.5 (as of September 1).
Coach Throw Divisions Ages: 6.5 - 12 for boys and 7.5 to 13 for girls.
Player Throw Divisions Ages: 12 – 15.5 for boys and 13 to 16.5 for girls.
Note: The divide between Coach Throw and Player Throw is a floating birthday and players on the age cusp may inquire about moving divisions.
*Special request for admission of children on the cusp of the age requirement can be sent to


We strive to balance the skills and strength of our teams to achieve fun, friendly competition by utilizing our:
Coaches: Our Coaching Staff is key to competitive balance, working with each player on their individual skill improvement and with the group on team spirit. Our coaches get to know the players and are familiar with the skills and strengths of the returning players.
Divisions: Age-appropriate divisions help to balance size and abilities of our players
Rostering: We work with the coaches to decide the best teams on which to roster new players. We prioritize special requests to play with friends for new players in the league.
Talent: In occasions where teams are unbalanced in strength, we approach players whose talent and leadership skills may be overshadowed by other strong players on one team but could really be spotlighted on another team.
Values: We can't guarantee that everything will be perfectly balanced, but our league's focus isn't competition and winning: It's on individual improvement, equal treatment and having fun with a team.


We have a phenomenal retention of our coaching staff. Our coaches are selected for their ability to model good sportsman ship and leadership both on and off the field. All our coaches share a dedication to providing top quality sports instruction to Calgary's children and youth. We specially select coaching candidates from our Flag Football Community, for their integrity, talent, and outstanding character. Many of our coaches are in university programs that relate to sports, training, therapy and development. If you have a comment, kudos or concern about a coaching staff member please email us at The information will be confidential, and your personal information will be removed before the information is brought up with our board of directors and the staff member.

  • Our organization provides the following screening and training for our coaching staff:
  • Criminal Record and Vulnerable Persons checks for all staff over the age of 18.
  • Concussion Awareness and Prevention
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness training
  • First Aid training for our senior staff.
  • Inhouse training on coaching best practices.
  • And more!


Parents, staff and players are required to abide by our code of conduct. Staff violations of the code of conduct can be reported to and will be dealt with internally according to our staffing policies. Any violations by a player will be addressed in accordance with the flag football rules (see the rules tab above for specific penalties and conduct discipline). Parent violations will be addressed directly by the staff member present, parents continuing to violate the code of conduct after a previous warning may be asked to leave the field of play. Multiple violations over a season may result in termination from the program. The Code of conduct is as follows:

  1. Respect: All players, coaches, referees, and parents must respect each other at all times. This includes no name-calling, bullying, or verbal abuse of any kind.
  2. Fair Play: All players must play within the rules of the game and compete fairly. Cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
  3. Safety: Safety is our top priority. Players must follow all safety rules and equipment requirements and must report any injuries to their coach or parent immediately.
  4. Inclusion: We welcome all players regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or physical abilities. Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  5. Responsibility: Players, coaches, and parents must take responsibility for their actions on and off the field. This includes showing up on time, following the league's rules and guidelines, and respecting the facilities and equipment.
  6. Positive Attitude: We encourage players to have a positive attitude and to support their teammates, coaches, and opponents. Negative behavior, such as taunting or unsportsmanlike conduct, will not be tolerated.
  7. Parental Involvement: Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child's sports experience in a positive manner. This includes supporting their child's efforts, respecting coaches and officials, and modeling good sportsmanship.
  8. Community: all members will respect the community we are in including designated parking areas, waste disposal, property protection and proper use of field amenities and rules


Registration is $295.00. We are a not-for-profit organization, and our fees include:

  • Trained, experienced coaches and officials.
  • Practices and games
  • Uniform rental
  • Player insurance
  • Fields, equipment, operational fees

*We provide payment plans and our fees are eligible for KID SPORT funding: For more information email


you don't need to purchase any equipment for your child as we provide all the essentials.
Your registration fees include the uniform and flag rental for the season. No helmet is required as our league is strictly non-contact. Here is a list of what you can bring to the field for your child:

  • Required
    • Shorts or pants without open pockets. This is a safety precaution as the flags rest where a pocket would be – open pockets can be accidently grabbed when a player is reaching for a flag.
    • Well fitting shoes suitable for running,
    • Clothing suitable to weather (we play in the rain and snow!)
    • Labelled water bottle
    • Sunscreen/bug spray
  • Optional
    • Football cleats
    • Football gloves
    • Snacks


  • Uniform Handout:
    • Calgary Flag Football League provides jerseys and flags for all it's players. Uniforms are handed out at the first practice and returned at the last game.
    • Please arrive 15 minutes early to the first practice to allow time for uniform hand-out. If you are absent from the first practice, your coach will have your uniform and you can collect it directly from the coach at the next session you attend.
  • Uniform Return:
    • If you are planning to be absent from the final game, you will need to return the uniform to your coach at the last session you attend. If your absence is unexpected, please contact us at and we will arrange a drop-off location for your uniform. If no drop off location can be arranged, we offer to coordinate a volunteer to pick-up the uniform, however there is a fee for this option.
    • Returning uniforms is the responsibility of the parent. uniforms not returned within 30 days of the season end will result in a charge of $125.00/uniform.
  • Footballs:
    • For all divisions except Midget, we use a junior size football. The ball we use is the "Wilson Ultimate Composite NFL Junior Football" which are usually in stock at Walmart or on Amazon.
    • Midget we use the Wilson NCAA 1005 Leather Football.


We are interested in your feedback! If you have and Kudos, Complaints, Concerns or Questions, please contact us at Please allow up to two business days for a reply to feedback.

Games are 45 minutes in length and take place on Saturdays, directly after a short practice.
There are no games on Saturdays that fall on a long weekend.
*Exact game times are available after teams have been rostered (see rostering).
Games take place between two teams of the same division (Age groups of 1-2 years). Although we encourage a spirit of friendly competition, competition is not our league's primary focus. Our program goal is for all players to have equal ball time and equal opportunity to score in every game making the experience fun for everyone involved.


We are an inclusive league with no tryouts or evaluations.
All players are welcome in our league, and our coaches are trained in diversity and inclusion. We welcome players:

  • Who are new to football,
  • Of every race and ethnicity*,
  • Of every socio-economic background (email for funding applications and payment plans),
  • Of every gender and/or alliance with 2SLBGTQ++,
  • Who are differently abled including physical and cognitive differences*.

We welcome new players at every level each year. Our coaches are experienced in working with new players and our teams focus on safety and skill development. Players are guided through practices and given equal game time and equal opportunity to score.
*Due to the physical nature of the sport, and best practices in safety, players who are differently abled an/or speak limited English, will be accepted based on conversations with the family about the child's best-fit in our league. Please email to begin this dialogue.


All inquiries can be sent to
Please allow up to two business days for a reply to inquiries.


Are you a member of the League, over 14 years of age, and interested in joining our staff? We typically offer 1-2 apprentice staff member positions for entry-level staff each year. You can find out more by emailing us at
Qualifications we are looking for in our new coaches include a fantastic disposition with strong character and integrity, you are someone who enjoys working with children, and has a desire to motivate players with your positive attitude and leadership skills. In addition, you possess a keen athletic ability and are able to consistently complete soft, accurate passes (any QB experience you have from a team will be a strength here). You have a comprehensive understanding of our rules and familiarity with our unique flag football culture. (Tip: a reference from your previous/current CYFFL coach regarding your character and abilities is recommended).
For an entry referee position, you'll be able to pay close attention to detail and have an in-depth understanding of the rules - showing strategic thinking abilities. You'll also have the vocal skills to project your voice and to demonstrate assertive leadership, being comfortable communicating with peers, coaches, and parents. (Tip: a reference from your previous/current CYFFL coach regarding your character and abilities is recommended).


KidSport Alberta provides grants to cover your registration fees upfront with no repayment required. They are a program independent from us, so you'll have to research your eligibility at If you are eligible for Kidsport funding, please email us at and we will send you instructions on how to register using Kidsport.


We play out of :
Acadia Fields: 315 90 Ave SE
Playoffs at Shouldice Fields: 1515 Home Rd NW
Location Parking
ACADIA Athletic Park DOES NOT have dedicated parking. We are currently in discussions with the City of Calgary about improving the parking availability at this field. Parking is available in the south-west ally beside the field, at Lord Beaverbrook School, Acadia Recreation Complex, or on the street side where there are no permit-parking only signs.
IMPORTANT: Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are participants allowed to use the Tennis Club parking lot. This includes, parking, drop-off or pickup. We have had multiple complaints from this organization, and we risk losing these fields if our members do not comply with these parking restrictions.


Calgary Flag Football Leagues provides trained, experienced coaching and referee staff. Although we do not offer coaching or referee volunteer positions for parents, we do encourage you to become involved by helping us to track player rotations.

Tracking player rotations involves handling the roster sheet of all players in attendance at a game. You will need to pay attention to the number of “Plays”, counting each down until players rotate. You then call “SUBS” and supervise the players to make sure the enter/exit the field accordingly. You may also be required to clarify who is on the field for the children in the younger leagues. To volunteer with rotations, simply sign your child up for the league and click “Yes” in the field on the registration form that asks if you'd be willing to volunteer.


Payment plans are available for any of our families who do not qualify for Kidsport Funding (see Kidsport) and are unable to pay registration fees upfront. We will work together with you to setup a unique payment plan. All registration fees must be paid in full prior to the date that registration closes, so the earlier we are able to setup a plan for you, the more flexible we can be around payment dates and amounts. Email us at to find out more.


15 minute practices occur weekly prior to each game.
A typical Practice consists of a selection of the following elements:

a)    Team building,
b)    Pattern running exercises.
c)    Catching/ Receiving exercises. 
d)    Defensive shadowing exercises,
e)    Flag catching exercises,
f)    Athletic conditioning
g)    Practice games/ activities
h)    Strategy building
i)    Performance targeted training based on previous gameplay. 


Our officiating staff are selected for their in-depth and strategic understanding of the game. We specially select most of the referees from our Flag Football Community, for their integrity, talent, and outstanding character. If you have a kudos or complaint about a referees performance or decision, please email us at Your feedback will be forwarded to our Referee in Chief for review.

Our organization provides the following screening and training for our referee staff:
Criminal Record and Vulnerable Persons checks for all staff over the age of 18.
Concussion Awareness and Prevention
Diversity and Inclusiveness training
First Aid training for our senior staff.
Inhouse training and referee clinics.
And more!


Full Refunds ($275.00): Available July 15-August 15, 2023.
Partial Refunds ($225.00): Available August 15-September 01, 2023.
No Refunds: After September 01, 2023. no refunds will be issued. This includes children who cannot play due to injury or illness. Why can't we offer refunds after the season starts? The reason is due to insurance:


  • Player Insurance is required for our league to:
    • qualify as a non-profit organization (we do so through Societies Alberta),
    • remain a member in good standing with a governing body (ours is Football Alberta),
    • apply for fundraising opportunities (such as AGLC) and,
    • partner with assistance programs (such as KidSp(ort).
  • Player Insurance is non-transferrable which means that we cannot fill the spot of a child who withdraws with another player.
  • If we provided refunds after the start of the season, we would operate at a loss of $275.00 for each refund issued.
  • Refund losses would result in increased registration fees each year and compromise our ability to offer a top-quality program at an affordable fee.


Information about your child's field location, practice/game times, coaches and teams will be sent out a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the first session. (see rostering for more information)
Requests for changes can be made once the schedule has been received, we ask that requests for changes be submitted prior to the first practice.


Our 2023 Season runs from the second Saturday in September to the last Saturday in October. (note Saturday, September 31 is Truth and Reconciliation day - the game will be moved to Sunday October 1. 

See Schedule tab for detailed information.
Playoff Games: The Last Saturday in October.
*No games on the Thanksgiving long weekend.


Season finals are held on the last Saturday of the season (Last Saturday in October).
Finals are hosted at Shouldice Artificial turf (Encana Fields).
Final Schedules are released one week prior to the finals.


Siblings can play on the same team by request if they are within two years age range.
Because our divisions are organized by age, siblings with an age range greater than two years apart would likely be in different divisions which may result in different practice and game times.


Special requests can be made on the registration form. We do our best to grant all special requests, however we cannot make any guarantees.
We prioritize special requests in the following order:

  1. Team requests (if you have played previous seasons, we do our best to keep you on the same team, unless you specify otherwise)
  2. Requests to play with a specific a) sibling, b) friend/teammate. *
  3. Requests for a specific coach

*Please limit your special requests for teammates to a maximum of four people.
Special requests can be edited by signing into the website, clicking on the “Dashboard” heading on the right-hand menu then choosing “Edit Registration Settings”.


The league is organized into:

  1. Divisions by age (range of 1-2 years)
  2. Teams (8-10 teams/division)
  3. Players (10-13 players/team)

Note: Division age ranges, number of teams and players cannot be confirmed until registration closes


Our rostering begins once the program is full or just before registration closes: This is because the number of registrations we receive for each age category is a main factor in deciding the age-range for each division.

Creating flag football divisions by age means dividing the participants of a flag football league into different groups based on their age and the number of participants registered in each age group. If there are many participants in an age group, the division age-range will be smaller. If there are less registrations in an age group, the division age-range may be broader. For example, if there are 1000 registered participants in the league, and the majority are younger players, then we might create divisions like this:
12-13 years (one year age range): 243 Players
13-14 years (one year age range): 252 Players
14-16 years (two year age range): 258 Players
16-18 years (two year age range): 247 Players

Each year is unique, but our principal remains the same: to allow players of similar ages and abilities to compete against each other, which helps to ensure fair and safe play. Additionally, it can make the league more enjoyable for participants by providing an appropriate level of competition and a sense of camaraderie within their age group. (See Competitive Balance & Special Requests for more information).

Once players are rostered onto a Division and team, we send out emails to each parent with information on your Team, Coach, Practice Night and Time. Emails are typically sent out two weeks prior to the first practice.


Our staff do not, under any circumstances, provide transportation for players.
Transportation is the sole responsibility for parents to arrange. Any child not picked-up after practice is welcome to stay on the sidelines of in-progress sessions until their parent arrives, however, staff are not responsible for supervision of children past their scheduled practice or games.


Our football program supplies experienced, trained coaches and referees.
Parent volunteers are welcome to assist with player rotation. This is simple to do and a great way to get involved! If you can help with this- please indicate your interest in the registration form under “Volunteer”, or speak with your coach.


Yes, we play in the weather: Heat, rain or snow! We will halt games/practices for electrical storms.
We recommend your player comes dressed for the forecast whatever the weather may be. If a field is flooded due to rain, we will post the back-up location both on the website, via email, and at the main field location.

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